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Universal Movement



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Aligned to the tarot of the month - CancerĀ and theĀ Chariot

19th JuneĀ - 7:30-8:30PM GMTĀ - 8:30-9:30PMĀ CET

Join Melissa Mercury to explore the signs of the zodiac through tarot. Each session will deep dive into the tarot cards associated with the current season and how you can work with these energies and archetypes in your day-to-day life. There will be a brand new tarot spread designed for each session as well as a group exercise which could include a guidedĀ meditation, journaling or simple spellwork.

Your tarot reader: Melissa @mercurytarot

Melissa a qualified, down to earth and inclusive tarot reader, teacher and enthusiast! Tarot is herĀ passion and Ā she loves to share this with others, whetherĀ thatĀ be giving a reading or teaching others how to read for themselves.
With over 55 decks Melissa has read tarot for over 5000 individuals to date. HerĀ clients include Amazon Prime Video, Sony, Netflix, Reddit, Larian Studios, Lovehoney, University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Ogilvy and MiQ Digital. I've worked at venues of all shape and size, from bars to theme parks. I love dressing up for events and am happy to do tarot in a more theatrical way. One of my highlights was reading tarot dressed as an elf to celebrate the launch of video game Baldur's Gate 3 and is aĀ guest tarot reader on the Love Island podcast & Yvette Fielding's Paranormal Activity podcast.

A little about the Chariot card and the link to cancer zodiac sign:Ā 

The Chariot card in the Tarot deck embodies themes of control, victory, and forward movement. It symbolizes the ability to overcome obstacles through willpower and determination, leading to success and triumph. This card encourages individuals to assert themselves confidently, trusting in their abilities and intuition as they navigate life's journey. The Chariot represents progress, balance, and disciplined energy, reminding us to focus our efforts and drive forward with purpose and confidence.

Often linked to the zodiac sign Cancer due to shared symbolism and astrological correspondences. Both represent qualities such as intuition, emotional strength, and protective instincts. The imagery of The Chariot, with its assertive figure guiding a chariot forward, mirrors Cancer's nurturing yet determined nature. Additionally, Cancer's association with the Moon aligns with the emotional depth and intuitive guidance depicted in The Chariot card. Together, these connections deepen the interpretation of The Chariot in Tarot readings, highlighting themes of resilience, inner strength, and navigating life's journey with confidence and determination.

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