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Universal Movement

A-Z of Body Astrology

A-Z of Body Astrology

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Discover the signs of the zodiac in a whole new way with Body astrology and Movement guide.

An A-Z mini free guide of each sign and corresponding body areas. 

Available for download. ✨🗝️

Here's what you can expect to find in a downloadable body astrology guide:

💎 Introduction to Body Astrology: An overview of what body astrology is and how it differs from other branches of astrology. This section may explain the principles and concepts behind body astrology and its relevance to understanding the mind-body connection.

💎 Foundations A-Z of Medical Astrology: A deeper exploration of the foundational principles of body Astrology, with a clear visualisation of the associations between zodiac signs, and different parts of the body.

💎 Body Astrology / Medical Astrology Correspondences: Information on the astrological correspondences for different parts of the body, organs, and bodily functions. 

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