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28TH APRIL - 8:30-9:15PM GMT 9:30-10:15PM CET 3:30-4:15PM EST

Welcome to this self-care practice held by monthly on Sunday evenings at Universal Movement. 🔮✨

Why take this self-care practice? 

🌿 Join Our Self-Care Practice: A Sanctuary for Rest, Renewal, and Reset with yoga nidra for sleep

Feeling drained from the demands of everyday life? Struggling to prioritise your own well-being amidst the chaos? It's time to reclaim your inner balance and vitality at our Self-Care practice – a haven where you can indulge in rejuvenating practices and connect with a supportive community of fellow seekers.

🌸 Discover the Art of Letting Go: Release tension, stress, and worries with our gentle letting go practices. Through guided meditation and yoga nidra meditation, you'll learn to surrender to the present moment, allowing space for deep relaxation and inner peace.

🌙 Journey into Deep Relaxation: Immerse yourself in the blissful realm of relaxation as we guide you through tranquil practices designed to soothe your body, mind, and spirit. Experience the profound benefits of letting go as you sink into a state of profound calmness and serenity.

🌌 Awaken Your Inner Radiance with our Yoga Nidra online class: A transformative journey through the layers of consciousness with the ancient practice of Yoga Nidra. Replenish your energy reserves, restore balance, and awaken your innate wisdom as you delve into the depths of relaxation and self-discovery.

🌟 Benefits Beyond Measure: By prioritising your self-care journey with us, you'll unlock a treasure trove of benefits for your overall well-being. From stress reduction and improved sleep to enhanced mental clarity and emotional resilience, our holistic approach will empower you to thrive in every aspect of your life.

🤝 A Community of Support and Empowerment: Beyond the practices, our Self-Care Sanctuary offers a warm and nurturing community where you can share your journey, find inspiration, and receive unwavering support from fellow travelers on the path to self-discovery. Together, we'll uplift and empower each other to embrace a life of balance, vitality, and joy.

🌙 Harnessing the Sacred Energy of Lunar Phases: At our Self-Care practice, we honour the sacred movements of the moon and its profound influence on our inner landscape and emotions . Just as the moon waxes and wanes, so too do our own energies ebb and flow in harmony with the lunar cycle.

🌑 Embracing the Power of Letting Go: Each lunar phase holds a unique energetic imprint, guiding us through the cycles of release, renewal, and rebirth. As women, we are intimately connected to these rhythms, and it is essential for us to honour and align with the energy of each phase with our self-care practice.

🌒 Navigating the Path of Surrender and Renewal: In our self -care practice classes, we provide a sacred space for you to surrender to the wisdom of the present moment and attune to the energy of the current lunar phase. Through guided practices of meditation, relaxation, and yoga nidra, you'll gently release what no longer serves you, making space for new intentions and manifestations to take root.

🌓 Empowering You for the Next Phase: By embracing the energy of each lunar phase and letting go of the past, you'll find yourself feeling more aligned, empowered, and ready to embrace the next stage of your journey. Our classes provide the perfect opportunity to honor your cyclical nature, connect with the rhythms of the moon, and step into your fullest expression of self.

🌕 Embrace Your Divine Feminine Essence: As women, we possess an innate connection to the moon and its cycles. By embracing the energy of each lunar phase, we reclaim our divine feminine essence and awaken to the limitless potential within us. Our Self-Care practice offers a nurturing space for you to reconnect with your inner wisdom, honour your intuitive guidance, and embody the radiant goddess that you are.

🌌 Step Into Your Power: Are you ready to take charge, feel empowerment, and ready for the next phase? Join us at our Self-Care practice and immerse yourself in a transformative experience that will nourish your body, soothe your mind, and uplift your spirit. Step into your power and embrace the magic of the lunar cycle with us.

What's involved in a self-care practice?

🌑 Welcome and Oracle card pull

🌑 The current moon sign insights & the link to body astrology, and associated charka and element.

🌑 Letting go practices - body scan

🌑 Energy work

🌑 Yoga Nidra for sleep

🌑 Awakening stretch

What do I need for this self-care practice, & Yoga Nidra meditation? 

🗝️ Quiet Space: Choose a quiet and comfortable space where you won't be disturbed. Ideally, the room should be dimly lit or with the option to darken it.

🗝️ Yoga Mat or Comfortable Surface: Lay down a yoga mat, blanket, or any comfortable surface to lie on. You want to be able to fully relax without any discomfort. You can also do this self-care practice on your bed for the ultimate comfort and if you wish to do this yoga nidra for sleep.

🗝️ Pillow & Blankets: Have a blanket nearby to cover yourself. During a relaxation practice, body temperature can drop, so it's essential to stay warm. Place a pillow under your head or beneath your knees for added comfort. This can help alleviate any strain on your lower back.

🗝️ Eye Pillow or Cloth: If you find it helpful, you can use an eye pillow or a soft cloth to cover your eyes. This helps create a sense of darkness and enhances relaxation.

🗝️ Comfortable Clothing: Wear loose, comfortable clothing to allow for unrestricted movement and a sense of ease for this Yoga Nidra for sleep.

Note: these self-care practice online classes are NOT recorded and are held live on Zoom. 

Your Selfcare coach: Alexe @lunarlexe

Alexe Woods

Alexe, Universal Movement founder who loves to weave her practices together to give you a unique and profound experience. Alexe has over 20 year experience in teaching and was the co-foundered of London Dance Academy many moons ago. Now she blends magical slow flow movement, visualisation techniques and yoga Nidra instructor with her expertise in moonology and body astrology that creates the UM methodology of cyclical and lunar living. 💫

Here's how yoga Nidra for sleep can contribute to better sleep:

Stress Reduction: Yoga Nidra for sleep systematically relaxes the body and mind, helping to reduce stress and tension accumulated throughout the day. By releasing physical and mental tension, it becomes easier to transition into a state of deep relaxation conducive to sleep.

Calms the Nervous System: Yoga Nidra for sleep activates the parasympathetic nervous system, also known as the "rest and digest" response. This helps counteract the effects of the sympathetic nervous system, responsible for the body's stress response. As a result,he body enters a state of relaxation, promoting better sleep quality.

Promotes Mindfulness and Awareness: Through the practice of yoga Nidra for sleep, individuals develop heightened mindfulness and awareness of their thoughts, emotions, and bodily sensations. This increased awareness can help individuals identify and address any factors that may be interfering with their sleep, such as racing thoughts or physical discomfort.

Induces Deep Relaxation: Yoga Nidra for sleep guides practitioners through a series of relaxation techniques, including body scans, breath awareness, and visualisation. These techniques help induce a state of deep relaxation, similar to the early stages of sleep, making it easier to transition into a restful slumber.

Enhances Sleep Quality: Regular practice of yoga nidra has been shown to improve overall sleep quality. By promoting relaxation, reducing stress, and calming the nervous system, our yoga nidra online class helps individuals achieve deeper and more restorative sleep, leading to increased energy, vitality, and well-being during waking hours.

Overall, yoga nidra for sleep offers a gentle yet powerful tool for promoting relaxation and supporting healthy sleep patterns. Incorporating yoga nidra for sleep into your bedtime routine can help you unwind from the day's stressors, quiet the mind, and prepare both body and mind for a restful and rejuvenating night's sleep.

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