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Universal Movement



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Learn the art of oracle card reading.

4th September

8:30-9:30pm UK

9:30-10:30pm Europe

Delve into the ancient art of Oracle card reading with our special guest teacher, Jess, also known as Mother Moon. With a rich family history in tea leaf reading and Oracle reading Jess shares the sacred and ceremonial aspects of setting up and interpreting the cards. Demystify the symbols and signs in the cards as you explore. This interactive workshop is not only fun but also provides profound insights into your inner world. Join us for an enjoyable and enlightening experience that connects you to the mystical tradition of oracle card reading.

Your Host: Jess @mothermoon

Jess Twydall is highly intuitive, psychic, working with higher energies and spirit from a young age. It wasn’t until she was in her 20s she knew this gift was strong and her soul purpose was to support people with her guidance. Her readings combine clairvoyance, communicating with loved ones, past lives, ancestral and inner child healing. She works with cards, tea leaves and pendulum. Jess has an ability to see through the eyes of the soul and supports people back to themselves. Jess was immersed into spirituality from a young age, both sides of her family have a gift as healers, clairvoyants and energy workers. 

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