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Universal Movement



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Full moon ritual - Women's circle online 

23rd April - 8:30-9:30PM GMT 9:30-10:30PM CET 3:30-4:30PM EST

Join our Full Moon Ritual Gathering, the peak of the lunar cycle. This intimate and sacred space, guided by Alexe - from slow sensual movement to visualisation techniques and Yoga Nidra - is designed for you to discover your inner world though the body astrology and the moon sign, unlocking the feminine powers hidden within. These private Full Moon gatherings provide a unique opportunity to release pent-up energy, shift into a new, empowered state, and express gratitude under the enchanting energy of the moon's influence.

Please note that these exclusive sessions are not recorded, offering a truly immersive and ephemeral experience.

This full moon experience includes: 

🌙 Welcome and Oracle card pull

🌙 The current lunar sign insights & body astrology

🌙 Letting go - body scan

🌙 Journaling & inner work

🌙 Divine feminine sensual slow flow (beginners welcome)

🌙 Visualisation & manifestation techniques

🌙 Yoga Nidra

    Note: these classes are NOT recorded. 

    Your Host: Alexe @lunarlexe

    Alexe Woods

    Alexe, UM founder who loves to weave her practices together to give you a unique and profound experience. Alexe has over 20 year experience in teaching and was the co-foundered of London Dance Academy many moons ago. Now she blends magical slow flow movement, visualisation techniques and yoga nidra with her expertise in moonology and body astrology that creates the UM methodology of cyclical and lunar living. 

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