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Full moon ritual - Yoga Nidra meditation and holistic wellness self care practice

19th August 

8:30-9:30PM GMT

9:30-10:30PM CET

3:30-4:30PM EST

12:30-1:30PM PST

Join our Moonlight Ritual Gathering under the adventures sign of Pisces, full moons are the peak of the lunar cycle. This intimate and sacred space, guided by Alexe - from slow sensual movement to visualisation techniques and Yoga Nidra - is designed for you to discover your inner world though the body astrology and the moon sign, unlocking the feminine powers hidden within. These private Full Moon gatherings provide a unique opportunity to release pent-up energy, shift into a new, empowered state, and express gratitude under the enchanting energy of the moon's influence.

Alexe has specially crafted these relaxation and slow flow Yoga Nidra classes with her extensive knowledge around moonology, archetypes, medical Astrology and the charka system part of the make up of her uniquely UM methodology of linking the body astrology areas of the sun and moon sign to movement and meditation practices. That creates an aligned experience to the energy on offer to us. 

Under the Pisces full moon, we are beckoned to embrace the fluid and intuitive essence of this imaginative sign. Pisces encourages us to delve into the depths of our emotions, spirituality, and creativity. As the ruler of dreams and intuitions, Pisces invites us to explore our inner worlds, connect with our subconscious though our guided Yoga Nidra meditation. This compassionate water sign and ruler of the feet, and our sleep patterns. 

Incorporating the Piscean energy into our moonlight rituals, we infuse our practices with elements of introspection, guided Yoga Nidra meditation, and visualisation techniques and intuitive exploration, we honor the dreamy and empathetic nature of Pisces, allowing ourselves to flow.

Please note that these exclusive sessions are not recorded, offering a truly immersive relaxation experience.

This full moon ritual includes: 

🌝 Welcome and Oracle card pull

🌝 The current lunar sign insights in body astrology and the ancient knowledge of  medical astrology. 

🌝 Letting go - body scan

🌝 Divine feminine sensual slow flow yoga (beginners welcome) linked to body astrology for aligned movement

✨ Visualisation techniques and relaxation

✨ Yoga Nidra for sleep

🌝 Awakening stretch and slow flow movement. 

Note: Our full moon rituals are also a part of our rest and relaxation offerings at Universal Movement: Moonlight rituals and wellbeing community

Your movement & Yoga Nidra meditation instructor : Alexe @lunarlexe

Alexe Woods

Alexe, UM founder who loves to weave her practices together to give you a unique and profound experience. Alexe has over 20 year experience in teaching and was the co-foundered of London Dance Academy many moons ago. Now she blends magical slow flow movement, visualisation techniques and yoga nidra with her expertise in moonology and body astrology that creates the UM methodology of cyclical and lunar living. 

Why is sleep so important for Pisces? 

For Pisces, sleep isn't just a necessity; it's a vital aspect of their well-being, intimately tied to their sensitive and intuitive nature. As one of the most empathetic signs of the zodiac, Pisceans are deeply affected by the energies around them, often absorbing the emotions and stresses of others. This heightened sensitivity can lead to emotional exhaustion and overwhelm, making quality sleep essential for their overall health and equilibrium.

Pisces, as the ruler of sleep, holds a profound connection to the restorative power of slumber. Just as Pisceans are deeply attuned to the ebbs and flows of emotion and intuition, they inherently understand the importance of rest for their well-being. In the cosmic symphony, Pisces reigns over the dream realm, guiding souls through the depths of unconscious exploration during the nocturnal hours.

Aligned with the last month of winter, Pisces finds itself in harmony with nature's deep slumber for us all to take note of. As the cold grip of winter begins to loosen its hold, the natural world enters a period of hibernation, a time for quiet reflection and rejuvenation. Similarly, Pisceans intuitively recognise this as their natural time to rest and recharge ready to enter the full force of spring and Aries season. 

Enter Yoga Nidra meditation, a powerful practice that complements Pisces and all our our' need for deep rest and spiritual rejuvenation. Known as "yogic sleep," Yoga Nidra meditation  offers profound relaxation and rejuvenation on both physical and mental levels. By guiding practitioners into a state of conscious relaxation, Yoga Nidra meditation enables Pisceans to access the restorative benefits of sleep while remaining awake and aware.

During a Yoga Nidra meditation and full moon ritual session, we can release accumulated tension and stress, allowing their bodies to enter a state of deep relaxation similar to sleep. This gentle yet profound practice offers an opportunity to recharge their spiritual batteries, replenish their energy reserves, and reconnect with their intuitive wisdom.

Furthermore, Yoga Nidra meditation serves as a portal to the subconscious mind, where Pisceans can explore their dreams, emotions, and innermost desires. In this liminal state between wakefulness and sleep, they may receive valuable insights, creative inspiration, and intuitive guidance, enhancing their connection to their inner selves and the universe.

By incorporating Yoga Nidra meditation into their bedtime routine, Pisceans can enhance the quality of their sleep and awaken feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and aligned with their true essence. Through this sacred practice, they can honor their sensitive souls, nurture their intuitive gifts, and navigate life's challenges with grace and clarity.

As the world prepares for the awakening of spring, Pisceans honor this sacred time of rest, knowing that it is essential for their spiritual and emotional well-being. Just as nature begins to stir from its winter slumber, Pisceans emerge from their dreams, refreshed and renewed, ready to embrace the blossoming energies of a new season.

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